3 Reasons Kamala Harris is a Corrupt Opportunist


When Joe Biden announced that he had nominated Kamala Harris ( who previously dropped from the presidential race fearing a loss in her own state) as the Vice presidential candidate, The democratic party, The mainstream media, left-wing social media and other members of the left simultaneously erupted in joy and relief. Everyone hailed her nomination as “historic” “ unprecedented” and “progressive choice.” Why? Because more than an woman she was and is seen as the ultimate representative of black and Indian Americans which clearly signaled the intent of the democratic party:

 A. Exploit to the maximum the already strained race relations in the US for votes

B. To portray any criticism of her as a racist attack

C. Woman Card

Harris too used this to the maximum by constantly uploading pictures of her from the past and from India while declaring her pride in her heritage and her rise to the top “despite the odds”.

But all this cannot mask the troublesome history of Kamala Harris’s public life and her history of opportunism and corruption which stain her political past.

Here we look at 3 reasons why she can and will be seen as a corrupt opportunist by those who have suffered at her hand.

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