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A Victim Of The "Deep State"

George is thought to have disappeared in 2012 after fleeing to Australia. Why wasn’t he aware Mi6 operate across the globe and when a British target leaves the UK they see this as an opportunity to take care of them because it is unlikely to be traced back to the British establishment.

In 2010 we had a change of government, the commie/socialist government lost and we had a conservative government. They were bombarded with please for help from families with missing relatives. They found 10,000 of uninvestigated deaths in the mental health system. They also took police helicopters off several forces. They were being used to stalk people.

He wrote of direct energy weapons being used on public from a helicopter.

The official line was that they were being used for unrequired work. Police also had their patrol vehicles changed for cars with trackers in them. It is all linked together, an Mi5 official spoke out saying they are murdering people. It looks to Me like another case of communist genocide.

By A. Flynn

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