• Németh Debs

A Word Of Caution To My Paesans

This is not a game guys. I completely support my Paesans. However, do not organize things off-hand without a lot of circumspection and planning. I can tell you first-hand what's gonna happen and you may know it too. All I'm saying, is be prepared to be targeted for literal physical violence, eviction, your employer will be hounded to fire you, they will come to your fuckin house like rabid chimpanzees.

I'm like the fuckin Jane Goodall of Center City having lived among these Marxist chimpanzee revolutionaries for 6 years. They will hunt you. They will create an entire backstory about you. Completely fictitious but designed to fuel their zombies. Do you have children? Think about it first. Nothing and nobody is off-limits. They will label you as racists, supremacists, and Nazis. Regardless of whether you are even White, you will be targeted as a White Supremacists. They will put out the word to their anonymous masses who will target you with impunity and with the full backing of the establishment. That means the Democrat party, the media, corporation, etc. All of it. You will see yourself on the news and in SPLC articles and ADL. They will say you are the enemy, a White Supremacist or Anti-Semite. I wanted to learn how this curious thing works. I only tell you the things I have learned from first-hand knowledge. I was a target by choice. It's the least I could do. Would you choose the same if you knew first? Do you understand Charlottesville yet?

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