"Anti-Semitism" Cannot Exist Without Admitting To The Existence Of Semitism Itself

The accusation of Anti-Semitism is the highest criminal charge your overlords can issue against you. It garners my focus for this reason. How will you as an unsuspecting individual merely speaking universal truths defend yourself in an environment that you wholly misunderstand? We have a desire to reveal immutable truths but some are off limits. Haven't you noticed? You have seen this occur time and time again. I know because I have been showing you for years. The accusation of anti-Semitism being lodged at individuals of all walks of life. No one is immune. Not money. Not race. Not religion. Not minority status will save you from ruin if you call out the obvious. We have witnessed over the past year how it shut down even the discussion of pedophilia and child trafficking. How IS that? How is it that this accusation is used as a shield against those who investigate and speak out against the most horrific of child abuses? I am not a gambler. I would not take this fight on if I didn't think we could win against this pervasive evil.

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