Anti-Semitism is a guise of the State - "Please, Mr. President. We're Sick and Tired of Winning"

The President signed into law the bill that will be used as the basis of widespread persecution particularly of "conservatives" but in reality it will be used to silence any dissent. If you disagree with Leftist policies, you will be labeled 'Anti-Semitic' and removed from your post, job, public life even at the highest levels. He's signed this into law on January 13, 2021. Do you understand now? Are you tired of winning yet? Anti-Semitism is a guise of the State.

While the layers of this crafted myth go farther back than what I have listed, I'd like to briefly show you how the proverbial 'sausage' is made because this's only getting started.

Line up events,

1) Homeland Security identifies White Supremacy as the most consistent and lethal threat;

Homeland Security report finds White supremacy ‘the most consistent and lethal threat’

| Fox News

2) Biden's outspoken "Anti-White" agenda and targeting of white men, see article below,

in his stated policy of denying aid to an entire racial group and gender; and

Joe Biden Promises to Withhold Government Aid From Businesses Owned by White

Men (

3) The manipulation of the Capital event. Conservatives being characterized as "far right"

'White Supremacists'. The media advising that this was a 'White Supremacist' attack

adding another layer of illusion, the Left going so far as to label and condemn the victim

of State violence, Ashli Babbit of white supremacy herself; AND

Pro-Trump Mob's Attack on the Capitol Is White Supremacy on Parade - Rolling Stone

4) The falsity pushed by the power apparatus through its media cohorts that has wrongly

advised the public that these same far right "White Supremacists" will be returning to

the Capital on inauguration day and going so far as to position troops.

Extremists move to secret online channels to plan for Inauguration Day in D.C.


Every citizen should be paying attention. It's all fun and games until you realize that you are all white who want to live free from the interference of the Leftist menace.

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