Antifa Philly: Top Organizer - Top Racist

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

This is the face of organized Leftism in Philadelphia. Not much different the country over. This is not the opinion of a singular individual. This is Marxism. This is the true face of the Left and speaks to the heart of Marxism's "Kill Whitey", "End Whiteness" campaigns. No time for kid gloves any longer as we see increasing racial attacks against unsuspecting white people who are only the first targets on the Marxist chopping block.

There's nothing new under the sun folks. We've actually seen this before. Jog your memory and open up your history books. Back from the bowels of history is that same Bolshevik mindset that terrorized tens of millions and slaughtered many more than that wiping out entire ethnic groups and never having been held accountable. This may be a jumbled rendition of Bolshevism but the hatred has the same roots.

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