Australian Gov. Uses Threat Of Force Against Parents For Mass Vaccination Of 24,000 Children

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

First video shows an audacious government representative on a t.v. broadcast ordering Australian parents to hand-over their children for a mass vaccination exercise that was to be conducted at the Olympic Stadium and enforced by police no less. 24,000 Australian children were expected to be mass vaccinated by force by the Australian government using police manpower to deter any resistance to this criminal enterprise. Australia went from aggressive coercion to threats of physical force very quickly. However, many in the States are not aware of this fact. The level of force utilized by the Australian government over citizens is highly concerning for all citizens of Western Civilization suffering through this bizarre global pandemic exercise since as citizens we understand that the presence and use of the police and/or any other armed authority is a measure that indicates that the government is not asking for compliance. They are ready and willing to use physical force. A line has been crossed now that cannot be undone. The Australian government has used the police force as a preventative measure to deter any resistance. If a parent or citizen did intercede, the officers would utilize physical force against that parent or citizen. Clearly. Better start paying attention. We still have our 2nd Amendment in the U.S. but many of our sister countries do not. Look at what is happening in those particular countries. Australia is farther down the timeline. The dystopia. This is where the elites are taking us all.

Second video shows the horrifying results of this tyrannical stunt conducted by the Australian government where multiple children collapsed after Covid-19 “vaccinations” were forced on them and at least two (2) children are reportedly in a coma after receiving the shots.

The "New Normal" is in full gear in Australia. We have to keep our eyes peeled on countries like Australia, New Zealand, France, U.K., and far too many others, where the authorities have gone full tyrant on their citizens using the police forces against the people themselves. This has always been a concern. That our own officers would have to make similar choices. What will our police officers do? Will they allow themselves to be used to enforce crimes against humanity, to force children to be vaccinated with experimental gene therapy devised by the Elite’s super Pharma conglomerate?


By Thomas Sewell (Australian Freedom Fighter)

They call us extreme for wanting to provide our children a safe and healthy future.

They waste time and resources monitoring and demonizing good Australian men a lot of us family men for having the courage to stand and speak.

We say this has gone to far and we point to those who are responsible.

At the same time they are taking over 20,000 Australian children unsupervised by parents to a stadium in New South Wales to inject them with a experimental vaccine for a "virus" they have manufactured.

We can not begin to imagine the effects this action will have on the future of our children!

Who is the real extremists here?

Vaccine Industry to partner with police, come after home school students in Iowa for mandated quarterly “health and wellness” checks (

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