The Death of White People Is The Death Of Individualism

"There's a word for what they are discussing you know. It's called genocide. They're openly discussing your genocide. The death of white people is the death of individualism."

Here we stand in 2020 with a president elect saying that white people will be a minority in their own country as if it is a foregone conclusion. He even provides a date for the demise of white people. This is psychological warfare. The Left is not gonna allow any other scenario than white people taking drastic steps to preserve their own lives and any viable future. Whether this is by design or not, I do not know but any talk of Biden being moderate has been completely thrown out the window. It's amazing because people have been sounding the alarm for generations and censored every step of the way as radicals and white supremacists. Yet here we are.

In this video, you see Biden looking past white people as if they no longer exist while at the same time setting up what he refers to as the next racial "majority" for conflict with Blacks. Biden taps Hispanics and Latinos as the next majority with whom blacks will have to contend. No wonder they're up next on the racial chopping block. The blood of the great Conquistadores runs through their veins. Ultimately, that fact will be used against them as the new majority just as they use white privilege to war on white people now. Leftists hate European descent peoples. It's mindboggling to many because most Leftists seem to be of European descent. It's pretty simple though. In America, the spirit of individualism dies with White (European descent) people.

The Left puts racial groups on a sort of hamster wheel of strife cunningly managing conflict just by manipulating one group, the black population. That's what you're seeing in this video. Get off the hamster wheel. Don't participate.

Because the Left is attacking on racial terms, they must be fought on racial terms. Fight them every where they challenge you. The Left is evilness and hatred on display. Now that Biden has placed racial extermination in the mainstream dialogue by concluding that a living, breathing, people who are presently the majority in this country are to be cut down to a minority and he has even provided the timeline for such a thing (2040), it's time to address this issue directly. Things will quickly devolve because the Left is proceeding as though they have already attained consensus and that white people are resigned to being cut down and reduced population-wise.

There's a word for what they are discussing, you know. It's called genocide. They're openly discussing your genocide.

The Left has built a perception that they have massive (Anti-White) consensus but this merely exists among their own sociopathic adherents. If you are anti-white, you are a sociopath. There's a stark difference between being for your own group and being Anti some other group.

Consensus has always been the name of the game and the Left have always been manufacturers of consensus. They play both sides against the middle. Now with our younger generations we can observe how the Left has worked to exploit the concept of Tabula Rasa to their advantage. They have no shame whatsoever but they know that you do. You who live by morals. The Left has been warring on white people for eons, brainwashing them into believing that they're not a cohesive racial group but then turn around and attack you as a racial group. Speaks for itself.

These Globalists/Leftists (this ideology) are attacking/warring on every single group (racial, cultural, political) using different methods. We can point to them throughout history as the greatest culprits of genocide, the originators of the same fascism they accuse anyone that opposes them of. The way I see it, each group is like a battalion and we are resources onto each other. The only group that does not behave naturally for lack of a better word is white people. I mean to say that, it is unnatural to not defend yourselves. We are all being backed into a corner and white people are a weak link in a sense because no other racial group (in this country) would fail to defend itself against such racial attacks. Self-preservation is natural but what I see is not. How is it that an entire racial group has fallen into a slumber as they're led off a cliff? With lots of propaganda, indoctrination, and psychological warfare. That's how.

Here's your assignment. Go back and find that video of the white men with tiki torches in Charlottesville. The men they told you were white supremacists and Nazis. Watch that video now after hearing "president elect" Biden nonchalantly say that if you are white, well, you're gonna be "phased out" as a people. Do you understand why so many gathered to take a stand against Leftists who proclaimed their mission is to "End Whiteness" and chanted "you will not replace us"? Remember that Ending Whiteness means ending individual rights. White people are the embodiment of individualism and with them go individual rights. White people have also represented a perennial thorn in the side of Globalism and Leftism for that same reason.

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