If you didn't get to see Brother Nathaniel rip this farcical Administration a new one, you're in luck. But, this is a double feature. Check out the second video as well.

The only thing I would add, of course, is that Anti-Semitism was set in place to do the same thing they're doing with White Supremacy. It will be the same effect but on steroids. Christians beware. They are indeed going to "outlaw" your way of life, your values, and your very existence America. They are gonna work to "outlaw" White people first. Take notes.

The next group on the chopping block will be Hispanics and Latinos because they are strongly comprised of European descent stock but unfortunately most don't recognize that fact. Whether they realize it or not, "They" are not gonna leave you alone either. In their eyes you have ancestral debts to pay as well my Hispanic and Latino friends.

Just remember, you are born of warriors and that is the legacy of your bloodlines.

Let's see how hard White people tricked currently by Leftism fight for themselves as they have for social justice figments of their imagination when the ruse is revealed for what it is in reality. Everybody gets lined up against the wall. The Useful Idiots too.

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