• Németh Debs

Build your networks beyond social media. 

It's very important that we put into place our own infrastructure for the dissemination of information before the election so we can continue to function after the election. That means getting our own news media sites going, writing and covering issues of the day, and very importantly sharing i.e. pushing substantive posts down the pipeline.

After the election, Facebook and Twitter have already advised that they will not be publishing the results if Trump wins. We need to know what's going in our respective necks of the woods now and in the future. There's no going back. This's the New Normal. We do not know all that they mean by this. However, we do know censorship will become outright oppressive going forward. There will be no dissenting voices. That is why it is very important to speak up now and do not mince your words. We are gonna have to fight for every bit of freedom to speak our peace. Build your networks beyond social media now. 

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