BURIED FOR TOO LONG: The Sanctioned Slaughter of Sudeten Germans Post WW2

BURIED FOR TOO LONG: The Truth And My Deep Personal Rage

By Nick Jordan

"When the victors flooded into Germany, they plowed through mountains of German documents, they examined them with microscopes, all in a frenzied hope of finding some Nazi order to kill Jews, to kill and torture the occupied population of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, or any of the other far flung territories occupied for years by the Germans.

But not a single such order or command could be found. Verily, compared to the Czech orgy of abuse, rape and murder against Sudeten Germans, only and entirely because they were German, not Czechs, the policies of the Third Reich towards the vanquished and towards prisoners of war, were models of adherence to international law.

Even the Reich's treatment of Jews was not a fraction as vicious as the Czech treatment of Sudeten Germans: no children were clubbed to death, no women were raped, no Jews were executed because they were Jews.

The frenzied propaganda of the victors to prosecute alleged German war criminal was reduced to inventing 'ex post facto' laws and had their inspiration in the guilt complex provoked by their won frightful brutalities and expulsions which they inflicted on the vanquished Germans or allowed to be inflicted on them.

And all the atrocities against the Germans had the official sanction of some of the allied governments. In the Potsdam Pact the chiefs of the three superpowers even ordered mass expulsions from Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. On May 19th 1945, Benes, the self appointed president of the reconstituted Czechoslovakia, signed a decree for the confiscation of all German private property. This resulted in a theft of about 20 Billion Dollars, the largest single theft of private property in all history, except for the still greater theft by the Poles of the property if the East Prussians, Pomeranians, and Silesians.

In June 1945, the 'model democrats' of the new Czechoslovakia closed all the German schools. They included those in the Sudetenland which in the Munich Pact had, by international law, become part of Germany. On June 23rd 1945, these Czechs 'democrats' ordered the division of the land owned by Sudeten Germans and evicted them from it.

Meanwhile, the US government, instead of protesting these acts of suppression, robbery, violence and of using its influence to prevent or minimise them, opted for a strategy of Cover Up. In June 1945, Elmer Davis, Chief of War Information in Washington, ordered a blackout in America for the expulsions; he had all reports of the deportations of Germans censored and 'killed'. With this blackout on the atrocities of the victors, the American media could be expected to give a Maximum coverage to the real, or alleged, or invented German atrocities.

On May 5th 1945, as the German Wehrmacht was evacuating Prague, Russian agents and paratroopers and radio broadcasts lashed the Czechs into a wild uprising against the German, mostly the civilians. There the frightful Holocaust against the Sudeten Germans began. .......

Thus, the Czechs, hitherto, one of the most civilised and decent people on Europe, were inflamed to the most brutal savagery in European His-Story.

Benes returned from Moscow in February 1944, and declared to the Council of State in Exile: - 'The revolution must be violent. It must be a peoples reckoning with the Germans and the fascist thugs, a bloody and merciless struggle.'

General Sergej Ingr, commander of the Czech-Slovak forces abroad, urged his compatriots to the following bloody genocide: ' When our day comes the whole nation will apply the old Hussite battle cry: 'Beat them, kill them, leave none alive.' Everyone should look around now for appropriate weapons to harm the Germans most. If there is no firearm at hand, any other kind of weapon that cuts, stabs or hits should be prepared and hidden.'

On February 25th 1945, the Czech National Front, a union of all government parties, formed to eliminate all opposition parties and dominated by the socialists and pro-communists in exile, proclaimed simultaneously on the Moscow and London radio: - 'Attack the accursed Germans and kill the occupants! Punish the traitors, and force the cowards and saboteurs of the national struggle to be silent.'

This is how it came about that within a year a quarter of a million Sudeten German, mostly women and children (as is always the fucking case), had been starved , clubbed, shot to death.

On May 5 1945, the terror began - Over a radio program, a propagandist of the Czech National Front, made himself an echo of Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin's Jewish minister of propaganda. His repeated call to violence was not so much against the retreating Wehrmacht but the defenseless Sudeten German, mostly women and children.

He screamed : - ' Kill the Germans, wherever you find them! Every German is our mortal enemy. Have no mercy on women, children, of the aged! Kill every German - wipe them out!' .

After the Potsdam Pact had committed America and Britain to the expulsions, the Czechs and Poles and Reds no longer terrorized wildly just to achieve a 'fait accompli' of murdered or dispersed Germans. During these wild expulsions 750,000 Sudetens were totally robbed, and driven out of their homes. These wild expulsions were brutal, only cannibalism could have made them more savage. It cannot be imagined that people as civilized as the Czechs could have been agitated to such inhumanity unless directed by someone in order to create terror.

Some of the tactics and methods used during these expulsions were:

Ordering whole villages on a notice of minutes to gather in a market place, be abused physically, driven on foot to the German border, or collected in camps - in all 51 concentration camps; starved on 750 calories a day; at night women were at the disposal of (America's number one ally) the Soviet Army for raping.

Other specialties of abuse were kicking on the shins and in the genitals; clubbing over the head with iron bars, lead pipes; having the arrested face each other and forced to hit each other in the face - all these abuses for no given reason except that the victims are Sudeten Germans.

A favorite method of killing Germans was throwing them into a lake or river, for example, tying a mother and child with ropes and so drowning them; throwing as many as 40 children at a time in a lake or river and keeping them under water with poles until drowned.

Two exceptionally horrid Jewish partisan specialties were:

Stripping men and sometimes women naked, handing them upside down, pouring kerosine on them and burning them; and snatching a child from a mother, holding it by both little legs and ripping it apart and hurling one part at the mother, another at a tree.

Men, women and children were required on virtually no food to trek on foot to the German or Austrian border; those who stumbled and could not get up anymore were shot dead. Sometimes when a woman fell exhausted, lit matches were put to her soles. The expellees were in any case allowed to take only few personal belongings and food. But even of this they were often plundered on the way.

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