Media Mounts Defense of CA Lawmaker Who Penned Pedophile Bill "It's OK guys. He's Gay and Jewish"

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

California lawmakers introduced a bill to protect pedophiles who sexually abuse innocent children. There has been a massive outcry against this deviancy. Below the author of this legality is pictured together with an example of a media clipping where they mount their defense of him. It's an apt example of what the media does to protect one of these individuals by hiding him behind and/or within group identity. He will be defended by the people who identify themselves as members of these groups. It's a mind-fuck.

The media will ensure his defense (and defense of their deviancy) by pushing him out there as a member of these groups. The people that identify with these groups are called out to defend him and thereby his deviancy either directly or indirectly by virtue of identity recognition. This is what you are dealing with America. This will be big shit on Twitter where your president is singlehandedly taking on these people. Just pointing out one instance for you.

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