Children Matter - Families Destroyed By The State

The U.K. government is responsible for the unlawful kidnap and sale of British children into the State adoption services. The State is wholesale warring against native British people as we have observed "woke" socio-political policy being developed and implemented in the U.K., especially over the past year, designed to specifically persecute the native British population in their own country. Not even children are spared. I will be interviewing the individual spearheading the Children Matter initiative tomorrow afternoon.

When will there be a voice for native British interests? Seems that we are at a turning point in Western Civilization. While we observe what is happening to the native British, we are aware of our shared fates. Advocacy must be given to the voiceless and closed mouths don't get fed.

<"Thousands of families across the UK are being targeted for their well-behaved and cared for kids for profit, while abused and neglected kids are left to fend for themselves. The state is crippling families and throwing them to the streets, they are targeting our British military and torturing our veterans by making them homeless. Whole families with children are being sent to live on the streets while others are being brainwashed by the education system. We are victims and survivors of the state, and we are fighting back to put a stop to the corruption! We are here to get our children their justice and put a stop to the cycle before our future grandchildren fall victim to the government.">

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Children Matter – Families destroyed by the state


Friday 31st January at 12:00 Parliament Square, Westminster, London Join many patriots and and justice fighters joining together to celebrate the UK finally leaving the EU

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