Denver Police Officer Files Ethics Complaint Against Anti-Cop City Councilwoman

This is pretty amazing. A sitting member of the City Council was not only joining in with the protests (which is perfectly her right) but publicly launching verbal attacks on the police. For the record, the cops were there cleaning up and relocating a homeless encampment to connect the residents with public resources available to the needy. But Councilwoman Candi Cde Baca immediately began berating the police, telling a Black officer that she should be “ashamed of herself” for performing her duty. A second (White) officer with her was told that she “expected that” from the White guy. She referred to her own police department as the “attack dogs” of the Mayor.

JAZZ SHAW Posted at 4:31 pm on September 15, 2020

Regular readers may recall the name of Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca. She’s the elected official who wrote a bill calling for the replacement of the entire Denver Police Department with a “peace force” that would take the place of established law enforcement. That measure failed on its first attempt but is still on the table for future debate.

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As it turns out, however, Councilwoman CdeBaca’s activities on the social justice front weren’t confined to the penning of potential legislation in the City Council’s chambers. She’s been out on the streets taking part in the unrest, including launching verbal attacks against the Denver Police and inspiring the rioting crowds to act against them. One police officer who grew tired of her antics and was directly affected by them has now launched an ethics complaint against her, seeking redress of grievances. (KDVR Denver)

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