• Németh Debs

Emily Jones, 7, playing in a park when Albanian immigrant ran up, grabbed her, and slit her throat

Prosecution barrister Michael Brady QC told the jury that the Crown Prosecution Service would no longer pursue a murder charge and asked them to find Eltiana Skana not guilty of that offence.

This woman murdered a little girl in broad daylight in a park on Mother’s Day. Eltiona Skana admitted she “picked her victim” then grabbed the little girl and slashed her neck with a craft knife killing her.

The decision to drop the charge had come following evidence from Dr Saifullah Syed Afghan – a consultant forensic psychiatrist who is treating Skana at Rampton Hospital.

Emily Jones was reported by the BBC as a “victim of a stabbing.” The story has been buried by the UK press since then, receiving nowhere near the appropriate level of coverage.

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