False Flag "Breach" of Congress

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FALSE FLAG "BREACH" OF CONGRESS - The Real History Channel

In the aftermath of the invasion of Congress by a mob of fanatical and weird-looking "Trump supporters" (rolling eyes), two new ™'s have been emergency fast-tracked -- "breached" and "stormed." Oh you foolish "Trump supporters!" (rolling eyes). Did you not realize that your "breach" of the Capitol was be seized upon to make "Trump supporters" look bad, while blaming Trump for "inciting" your lawless actions?

For those of youse guys who will occasionally -- and amusingly - fail to catch the sardonic humor of The Anti-New York Times, we'll spell it out for you in no uncertain terms: The grungy-looking invaders who "stormed" Congress were CIA-Deep State-Antifa foot soldiers pretending to be Trump fans -- and they were let in by Capitol security men who deliberately stood down.

1. Why did these "Trump supporters" scale and "breach" the walls when they could have simply walked up the Capitol steps like any tourist can? Answer: It was a more dramatic made-for-TV "breach" shot. // 2. The ridiculous-looking "Viking Man" and his small band of young "Trump supporters" just strolled right into the heavily guarded halls of Congress while it was in live session? How is that possible?

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