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Israelis Intend to Starve Palestinians to Death

From the very same people that brought you the "Terror Famine" (in Ukraine) 1932-1933 known as the Holodomor (read up on it) and attempted to kill off millions more ethnic Russians via starvation under the "Soviet" (means Jews) regime in their three-year starvation murder project in Russia, of course, they are aiming to starve the Palestinian civilian population to death. That's what "Jews" do. Talmudics always prefer to inflict the most suffering on victims and prefer starvation to bombing historically. Think the Jewish subversion that guided Mao Zhe Dong and the tactics used to starve millions of the Chinese people who then developed interesting cuisine choices (they'll tell us), but it occurred out of necessity.

Communism, Bolshevism, Capitalism, Marxism, Judaism, Leftism, Liberalism. It's just the Jews guys. By a majority they lead up every corporation that is stifling our nations. Our freedoms. They don't stop at occupation. They want what you have. Your lands. Your resources and will stop at nothing including starving you to death.

While most people fail to know basic "right from wrong", These people lack all humanity. Genocide is always wrong. Not just when it is happening to you. What these people perpetrate against any civilian population can and will happen to others down the line.

Re-think history people. It repeats.

Take a look yourself. Do a quick search. Very little if any aid is getting to the civilian population of Palestine due primarily to bombing.

Egypt and Israel have worked together to strategically isolate the civilian population of Palestine. That is to say, to genocide the civilian population of Palestine. Arabs killing Arabs. Much like the West where Whites are happy to bring hardship on other Whites and cheer the decline of the White population in the not-so-soft genocide of Europeans. After all, it's not a secret any longer. The cat is out of the bag. "Leaders" speak openly about then end of White people. This is the result of the same interests that occupy Palestine occupying the West. Follow the money.

When there is no recognition of racial kinship, that goes against nature itself. What is it that you are dealing with then?

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