Meghan Markle (Dutchess of Sussex) Planning Black Lives Matter Movie With Netflix

At this point in the timeline, we all know what Netflix is about. They are purveyors of pedophilia. Combine that with what we already know about Black Lives Matter. It is a Marxist organization hell bent on the destruction of America via their campaign with other "Marxist" organizations like Antifa, and with the backing of corporations, the media, the Democrat Party, and all manner of institutions even religious, to 'End "Whiteness" As A Race'. Pedophilia and Marxism are elements cut of the same cloth and deriving from the same evil ideology. Can you guess what that is?

They are tares and will ultimately be cast aside.

These people tell you who and what they are, what they are planning for you, when and how. There are reasons that they do not hide anything, except for in plain sight with the use of "smoke and mirrors" or slight of hand - if you will. Did you even see these two elements converging? Your nose is kept to the grindstone and they know you won't see it or you'll dismiss certain information off-hand without investigating further. It is by design. For some the information will be disorienting. You have eyes but they do all they can to control what you see.

Always keep your eye out for the grift. We're all gonna have to summon our inner Harry Houdinis. He may've been known for his great escapes but he was also well-renowned for his debunking of mystics and occult frauds. Ultimately, that's where all of this is heading - The Occult. Stay tuned.

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