Multiculturalism is an Experiment. It Doesn't Work.

By James Lindsey

This isn't true. Multiculturalism has been a long-running experiment, which was introduced as a competitor to pluralism and cultural blending, and it has failed utterly. It doesn't work. The mutual sharing of cultures within a single polity produces innovation; this, war.

Let's not lose track of what neoracist Rogers ("Kendi") is proposing, though. The "cultures" he speaks of are racial groups. That means that people have to be culturally essentialized by race, and that means he's proposing a reinvention of racism with asymmetric protectionism.

If we take seriously the Critical Race Theory criticism of the origins of race and racism, as we understand them today, Rogers ("Kendi") and his lot are making the same mistake they mostly rightly point out from the 17th century. They're reinventing racism (as neoracism).

What happened with race and racism in the 1600s was wrong, and it had horrible consequences, as we all know today. We spent three centuries building up the philosophical, legal, and cultural architecture to stop making that mistake, and these CRTs just came in and reinvented it.

There isn't a harsh enough way to criticize what Critical Race Theorists and race "liberationists" are doing. They're reinventing the same mistake fully informed on what that mistake led to. They are the enemies of freedom and progress in any meaningful sense of the words.

On multiculturalism.

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