Murderous Ritual Occults Throughout Recorded History And Present Day Iterations

"There is a dark matter still in the world today."

The word Holocaust goes back to the ancient worship of Moloch who demanded the sacrifice of children who were ceremonially burned alive. If you look in old dictionaries holocaust meant "burnt offering". This definition as so many other things have been changed since WWII. All throughout our history events of ritual sacrifice have been recorded and many times were the catalyst for the expulsion of Jews from countries all around the globe. Catholic Saints have been made of many of these child victims that were killed in utterly horrendous manners designed to maximize terror and pain in the child victim.

Why would a radical sect of Jews throughout history continue to engage in such occult ritual practices, such as taking the blood from children in these murderous rituals? The belief is that these ritual exercises would bring about the return of Jews to Palestine. The rituals require the children to be tortured horribly with punctures all throughout their bodies causing them to bleed out. The blood is then captured in vessels and given to other practitioners and used in furtherance of these occult ceremonies. That blood was used ritually. Causing pain and terror is a facet of the ritual.

For instance, not only are the young bled out but their skin is peeled from their fragile bodies. This practice will sound familiar to some readers that are keen to present day Satanic torture and ritual practices that Qanons went on a mission to against. Dozens of children have been canonized as saints by the Catholic church. If you research the details that brought about their canonization, you will find that Jews were always the culprits involved with ritually killing that child. Jews were expelled from many countries around the globe (109 to be exact) and many reasons have been given for their expulsion. Usually we're told that people just dislike Jews for no reason at all but when you consider the continual specter of kidnappings, the dumping of the bodies of these children found to be ritually tortured in the same manners for millennia in-line with expulsions, and the existence of a radical Jewish sect always involved, it certainly warrants a closer examination.

Example, during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabell, a boy in Laguardia Spain, Christopher, was found ritually murdered and evidence lead to the sect of Jews that were accused. This is one of the contributing factors to the Jews being expelled from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella. There are countless historical records detailing these cases of ritual murder by radical occultists of these Jewish sects throughout Europe and the Middle East where rabbis were accused of horrendous, ritual killing of children and babies.

If you are not familiar with Sabbatean Frankism, this would be a time to look into it.

In 1997, Belarus made a documentary about one particular case and the books listed below discuss others. The single greatest defense Jews have lodged against the accusations of these ritual murders is the Blood Libel. They take absolutely no responsibility for co-religion member's heinous actions other than to defend them and cover up any meaningful investigations, including payoffs to law enforcement and governing bodies. The Jews that provide cover for the radical occult sects provide another defense against their co-religion fellows asserting that blood is unclean, including the blood of humans, therefore the accusations are not based on Jewish teachings.

However, the Talmud says there are two types of blood their god loves, the blood of circumcision and the blood of Passover. I will not go into further detail on this at this time because it requires it's own write-up.

Read the Books - Blood Ritual or Debacle in Damascus.

Father Thomas was ritually murdered in 1840 in Damascus by this cult.

Human sacrifice among the Sephardim. The Jew, Gyspy, and El Islam.

Thirteen-year-old girl murdered in Atlanta pencil factory - HISTORY

This case gave rise to the Anti-Defamation League.

The Murder of Andrei Yushchinsky | Kevin Alfred Strom

The Murder of Andrei Yushchinsky

There are an extraordinary number of these ritual occult murders occurring throughout history leading all the way up to modern times. While commonplace, investigators in modern times have curiously not given appropriate attention to these cases. Many Jewish converts have admitted to the truth of these hateful practices however.

Go to 51:00 in this video to check out the section on the Oprah Winfrey interview with a Jewish girl named "Rachel" who testified on live television that she was part of a trans-generational family that practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism. The girl said that she escaped her family but was forced to participate in sacrificing infants. She also said that there are many other people across the country who engage in this radical but prevalent sect of Jewish ritual occult.

Why were Israelis in Romania kidnapping Romanian children? Look it up. Why are so many Palestinian children being repeatedly found ritually murdered with their blood drained from their bodies and dumped Israel? Look it up. Are these children being used in radical Jewish occult rites?

Nearly every civilization in the entire world has reported the crime of Jewish ritual occult murder. Has the entire world been engaging in a conspiracy against the Jews? I highly doubt it especially since my own research regarding modern day child trafficking and ritual torture, leads back to these same occult roots.

Jews say themselves that blood from circumcision is used to write the tetragrammaton. The tetragrammaton is the four Hebrew letters that make up the name of their god. The name they dare not speak but write in blood.

The founder of modern day Satanism Anton Lavey is Jewish. Laura Egen a leader of a Satanic cult is also Jewish. If you look at the background of many if not most of the players in what is currently occurring in the world, you will find the same result. A connection to occultism. Satanism or Judaism in some form or another. It can't be a coincidence. The point I'd like to hone in on is that if you look into ritual occultism you will see Jewish symbolism.

Everything that is going on in society, the world over, runs downstream of the occult.

If you look at the physical evidence of these Satanic pedophile ritual occult sacrifice victims the same modes of torture and murder are used as those described in this video. The children are tortured over long periods of time. They are desanguinated. Skin is peeled from their tiny, helpless bodies. Can this actually be a coincidence? Only for fools. 800,000 children go missing in the United States alone every year. They just disappear. Plucked from the comfort of their loving parents. Where are all of these children going? The fight against child trafficking was taken up by the Trump administration and many trafficking networks revealed. Such as that of Jeffrey Epstein. Turns out he's small potatoes.

As an aside, lots of people like to take shots at Qanons, however, these were the questions Qanons were digging into. This was their work. I highly doubt anyone in the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus was behind Q. We do know however that Hollywood, the media industry, and institutions of power and governance are of that same Satanic murder cult borne of radical Jewish Occult Ritualism. That is who you are capitulating to in these mass ritual exercises, such as those we've experience in 2020. These are the people you consider your leaders, and even look up to as you stare mindlessly at your Tel-A-Vision, or bop your head to their trash music that does not feed your soul, gobbling up their propaganda. These people seek to reduce humanity to a base animal nature because we're better controlled that way. If you pay attention, they have been telling you exactly who they are and what they're doing and are going to do. They have to. It's a part of their ritual practice. Did you know that? If you think that you are a strong person but you believe what your Tel-A-Vision tells you, just remember only the strong-willed are impervious to their hypnotism.

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