• Németh Debs

New Jersey makes it illegal to falsely call 911 based on race

Since it's already illegal to make false reports, what is this setting us up for now? Think about it. Laws are not about justice. It's about controlling the population in order to mold your reality strong arming you into compliance.

The veils are falling. You're gonna have to play catch up if you believe that it's the State's responsibility to protect you. It's your responsibility and always has been. Get your shit together folks.

Remember, they've incarcerated people for decades, institutionalized them, now they've released those individuals into your communities. Imprisoning people has been a business for them. Reminding you of that crime bill the Clintons and Biden pushed on us.

On top of that, they've propagated a sentiment against the majority group in this country albeit created and effectuated by other "white" people to incite minorities and young people, especially, against "whiteness" while at the same time re-defining what it is to be "White" so that ANY homeowner, business owner, hardworking and productive individuals, family-oriented folks, churchgoers, peaceful people wherever they are no matter their actual race or ethnicity, just trying to live their lives are now targets in this war against Western Civilization. I've been telling you MFers for years now and you still don't get it. Good fuckin luck.


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