• Németh Debs

Normalized Anti-White Hatred: How Do You Think You Will Fair Against Leftists, Minority Person?

Finally Got My Retarded, Boomer Friend To Understand Something Utterly Basic

If These Leftists Can Openly Target And Literally Campaign For Without Impunity (in their own words) The Eradication Of White People (The Majority Racial Group) In Their Own Countries Nonetheless And War Upon Them As We Have Been Witnessing via all media across Western Civilization, and Globalist policy, getting other white people to do the dirty work, How Do You Think You Would Fair As A "Minority" If The Left Wins This Culture War? How Easily Do You Think They Will Dispatch With Any Minority Group? This's one of the most pertinent questions nobody's asking. How will you fair as a "minority" when history repeats itself?

It's funny how you have to create this juxtaposition for Boomer-brains. That's right, I used the whitest word ever, jux•ta•po•si•tion.

Also, got Retarded, Boomer-brained friend to get why they're 'calling out 'whiteness' in non-white people. That's your red flag, your clue normie. Your Aha! moment. They do not intend to stop at white people.

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