NOW White People Everywhere Are Realizing There’s Nowhere Left To Hide. Nowhere To Run White People.

From Josef Bosch

During last summer’s riots, normie white folks thought their vote would protect them. They thought Trump was a shoo-in, that “law and order” would prevail, that they could continue to hide out in the McMansions and barely integrated communities, that the upheaval in America’s city centers had as much to do with them as cafe bombs in Baghdad or political upheaval in Cambodia.

Now? After an election that was probably stolen and the specter of never winning another one on the horizon? Now? When black cops who slaughter innocent white women stay anonymous and walk free while white cops who did nothing wrong are locked up and subjected to show trials? Now when defending yourself against racial violence will cost you your livelihood and freedom? Now when people are locked up merely for daring to hold the same values their fathers and fathers fathers held? Now? Now?

NOW white people everywhere are realizing that this is their fight too. NOW white people everywhere smell the smoke and gunpowder in the air. NOW white people everywhere are backed into a corner.

It’s time to turn and fight, or run forever.

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