NTD Free Speech Network Broadcasts Uncensored Truth About Leftist Jews

Note to Reader: Just remember that Judaism is not a monolith. Meaning Jews do not all share the same beliefs. Wherever you find Leftism, you will find Godlessness, atheism, occultism, something darker. We are all called to stand against Authoritarianism in these times. We have to be honest with ourselves about who and what we are dealing with when it comes to Leftism. We do not have the luxury of pretending any longer out of a sense of pride or because we feel that it is somehow a reflection on us. That is a victim mentality and it is self-destructive. No group is more equipped to stand up against Leftist Jews than Right leaning Jews. Whether you know it or not, Right leaning Jews have been fighting the good fight. Anything Right of "Marxism" is referred to as Right leaning.

Make no mistake. Leftists hide behind the veil of Judaism all the while warring against their own people. They also hide behind the very "Whiteness" they war against. Leftists are opportunists. They hide behind "Jewishness" because they are permitted sanctuary. Do not allow them sanctuary. Call them out. They are "Leftist Jews" and they do not believe in a higher power and they are happy to see you cut down.

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