One Of America's Patriots Jailed For Fighting Off Violent Antifa Revolutionaries

Actual headline: Known Proud Boys member accused of assault, weapon charges in downtown Portland protest appearances

No. 1 Proud Boys is not a "Right Wing" group. There is no Right Wing. Get it right. Proud Boys is labeled Right Wing because they oppose 'permanent revolutionaries' like Antifa. Look up 'permanent revolution'. It's called a fuckin clue. This's the criteria Leftists use. "If you disagree with me you're a white supremacist, Nazi, right wing", racist, etc. It has no bearing on reality or race for that matter.

No. 2 Proud Boys is called a White Supremacist group by the establishment Left and their ground level Leftists. Meanwhile, it's comprised of men from all walks of life. So, if you're a Proud Boy and you're black or not white any way you cut it you're still a white supremacist, still a Nazi, still labeled 'Right Wing', still a racist. How can that be? It's because we've allowed sociopaths too much leverage and they've made communion with each other. That's the ground level Leftists and the establishment Left. The Proud Boys already know the grift of the Leftist apparatus and all its levels (ADL, SPLC, Media, Democrat politicians who talk through their teeth, corporations, institutions, etc.). I don't have patience for normies anymore. So, wise tf up. Proud Boys is all you got atm.

Also, this's a good guy. I've met him. He came out to Philly to help us at our final event in Center City where we were defending the First Amendment. Thanks to all those guys. The Proud Boys. That was the day a group of Antifa jumped two unsuspecting marines several blocks away from our event who had nothing to do with us. They beat the one guy so bad he has permanent injury to one of his fuckin eyes. The antifa were accusing the marines of being White Supremacists and the marines kept saying in disbelief 'we're Mexican'.

This's the kind of shit Proud Boys have been fighting and defending against. As you can see for good reason.

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