Perspective By Eric Thomson

As you say, ideology is necessary for building, maintaining and/or destroying a society and a civilization. Racism is an ideology, with the errors you point out. Eugenics is an ideology, as are the major religions, all of which are allegedly based on 'fact', for no one would admit that his belief system was based on lies, even if that is so. We can make an exception in the case of Christianity, about which Tertullian declared: "I believe because it is absurd!"

I certainly accept the possibility that humanoids may have come from Africa, and that the color distinctions of the three races, that is, primary races, may have been caused by the sunlight or absence thereof. As you point out, the harsher climates were effective in weeding out those who could not see cause and effect, nor plan ahead for severe winters.

If this theory of African genesis is correct, we would find evidence of Black genes in Whites, so the races would be a statistical continuum, with all humanoids having more or fewer Black genes. Apparently, DNA research does not show this, for it certainly would reveal the presence of ancient Black origins. According to some researchers, humanoids all possess genes around 85% in common with chimpanzees, if I recall correctly. Others claim that we have many genes which are also found in plants. As I wrote earlier on the subject of mestizos, mulattos, et al. the mixture may be old or new, but it remains a mixture. At present, it is experimentally proven that Black or Yellow genes are absent in Whites. That is, genes which are identifiably bonded to a particular race, such as the 3 hair characteristics common to the 3 primary races and their subraces. You should definitely get your racial ideas out of the 19th century and read up on DNA research. When the jew Dr. Landau of the Center for Disease Control laments that "one out of 100 Whites is immune to AIDS", he is referring to a discontinuity in the supposed racial 'continuum'. Diseases are often racially-selective, such as smallpox versus the Amerasians and syphilis versus Whites, who had no natural immunity, and called it "the great pox". TB treatment is most effective in curing Whites, but it was reported in the New York Times that people with Asian ancestry, including Mexicans and American Indians are resistant to the drug used for treating this disease, which was apparently brought in by the Whites.

I discovered a study on nerve gas back in the 1960s which described the effects of nerve gas as an "enzyme inhibitor" which blocked the enzyme required to erase a command sent through a person's nervous system. As I understood from the document, a person typing sends the neuromessage to his finger to depress the key. To lift his finger from the key, an enzyme is required to erase the original signal, allowing for the sending of the new signal, "lift finger". If the enzyme were absent or blocked, the original signal would remain, and the finger would continue to depress the key. It happens throughout the entire nervous system: the heart stops on one beat; the diaphragm halts on one breath; the eyesight fails, and the gassee has no further problems and no complaints to speak of. Further to this research, it was discovered that an enzyme inhibitor could be used to prevent the digestion of food, on a racially-selective basis. I had no further information on this interesting topic since then; nor have I heard what became of the fabled neutron bomb, which allegedly can destroy all higher life forms, and leave their necessities of life intact, and ready for use by an invader, without fear of radioactive contamination. No oilfields would be set on fire, no water contaminated, no buildings destroyed, &c. I therefore wonder why it has not been used. In ZOG-world, the more we learn about racial differences, the less we are allowed to heed them, but Nature is Nazi, and she will punish us for our folly.

You mention the "inventions" of orientals in the White man's field of physics. This is on par with the Blacks' achievements in the White man's game of basketball et al. This proves that Chinese can learn an alien science and develop it. Why they did not develop gunpowder beyond its status when the Whites came remains a mystery, similar to their non-development of their excellent kites into airplanes, or at least, gliders.

In regard to the Chinese and religion, Ralph Townsend observed that all Chinese were fluent to some degree in spouting hypocritical adherence to high moral principles. This was a kind of social ritual. Everyone practiced it, but no one believed a word of it, except for ignorant or stupid 'foreign devils'.

Townsend also observed in his book, "Ways That are Dark", that the dark denizens of India are true believers in their religious dogmas, but poverty and squalor are the same in India as in China, with a wealthy minority riding on top. Here are two different ideologies, in practice, despite the outward lip service to 'morality', which produce the same social results: wealth for the few and poverty for the masses.

I think it is logical that one cannot apply an ideology of generosity until one has sufficient abundance to share with others. Civilization is the result of abundance, so that one may do other things than grub for a bare existence. Hunting and gathering societies experience feast and famine conditions, as a general rule, so their civilizations do not develop such things as cities and great buildings and monuments. According to recent research in the North Western portions of Europe, the fishing was so good that the peoples of the North Atlantic did develop many attributes of sedentary agricultural societies. The leisure time accrued from the abundance of food apparently allowed my ancestors to invent a few things, without Chinese assistance.

It appears that you remain stuck in a historical determinist Spengler-type Weltanschauung, in which correlation and symptoms are mistaken for causes and social diseases. Old age has nothing to do with it, otherwise the civilization of China would have gone the same way as that of Rome, Greece, Egypt, Europe and America. From my reading of history, dynasties rose and fell in China, but their civilization, as many would call it, remained intact through all the turmoil, famines and invasions. That is because the Chinese remained dominant racially and numerically, whereas the Whites have not. Those Tokharians whom you seem to despise were making fine "Damascus" steel in their former cities of today's Turkmenistan, until they were invaded from the west by the Arabs and destroyed by the Mongols of the east. The Arabs learned the steel-making process from the Tokharians and call it "Damascus" steel. The Tokharians' cities were located on the Great Silk Route, so it is likely that ideas as well as goods and slaves were traded from East to West and vice versa.

You are very apt in regard to your observations on "I.Q." as a non-measurement of real intelligence, which I understand in my own primitive way to correlate with survival of oneself and one's race. In this department, the Whites are the least intelligent of races. The idea of I.Q. itself was designed by Whites for determining one's likely success in achieving certain skills valued in White society. In other societies, notably the Black, such skills in abstract thinking are viewed as silly pastimes. I reflected upon that as I read your letter: If I am so smart, why don't I have several women working for me, so I can do what I like? Black men enjoy such amenities in Africa as well as in America. I don't have even one woman working for me, so I admit that I am a typical, dumb honkey. Of course, I am prejudiced, for I never had an urge to beat a woman, nor to live off one. Silly me!

You have described our moribund civilization as a victim of moral decay. The selfish individualism and hedonism are rife in China, along with cynicism, materialism and hypocrisy. Obviously, these do not cause Chinese civilization to collapse, so there must indeed be great differences between the White race which succumbs to this social disease and the Chinese who thrive thereon. The simple truth is that White civilizations perish for lack of Whites, and the Chinese civilization depends for its survival on the abundance of Chinese. The truth is quite obvious.

This is not to detract from the importance of ideology. If the Whites would change their minds about their survival, they would very likely survive, by multiplying and improving the quality of their racial members. As you say, they must first desire to do so, or they will not heed the best of ideological messages. This is something you can now try to 'sell' with the best means available the White man's Internet. I wish you every success!

As for the impending collapse of the ZOG, I see no other outcome. The population of the U.S.A. is largely dependent, with the enormous exportation of jobs and importation of jobless; with the abundance of dollars, lower wages and higher prices. The crux will be food, as in the Roman-style bread and circuses. Another possible model is that of Tsarist Russia, 1917. The armies were pinned down on the fronts; the population was starving; Khazar nationalists alias Bolsheviks, released the criminal population to terrorize the majority. Hunger will be the detonator in this land under ZOG, with its militant and aggressive non-Whites and the large criminal population. Far from being a boon to Whites, the fall of ZOG will demand the Whites' best efforts to survive. I have not seen such immediate evidence for ZOG's collapse as I do now. In my earliest writings, I predicted that the ZOG's tyranny would intensify, rather than collapse. I now see the latter as more likely.

In regard to religion being equated with nationality, I think further research will show that you misstate the case. One Pole told me that one had to be Catholic in order to be a Pole. I asked him if that would include German and Italian Catholics. "Certainly not!" he exclaimed. The same goes with jews: all Ashkenazim are considered as jews; all Falashim et al., but they make very clear distinctions in terms of nationality, and some jews are definitely 'more equal' than others. It appears that wishful-thinking has caused you to overlook the divisions within Islam, which have resulted in wars of Moslems versus Moslems over centuries. Arab Moslems are generally Sunnis; Iranian Moslems are generally Shiites. The present disunity amongst Moslems in Iraq is between Arabs and Iranians, Sunnis and Shiites respectively. There are national differences amongst Moslems of Asia and Afghanistan and Pakistan, all of whom are Moslems, in their own eyes, but heretics in the eyes of some. The Saudi Arabian based Wahabis deem other Moslem sects as 'heretics' and 'strays' from the true path. The Dervishes are another sect within Islam, and they are viewed similarly by other Moslems. The biopolitical nation remains superior in its adherents to purported 'universalist' ideologies. This appears to be true worldwide. I would advise you to examine the grounds upon which you intend basing your philosophy, for they may prove to be quicksand.

The encroachment of Christianity upon Europe was fraught with internecine wars. After the ascendancy of the Christ-cult, wars of conquest within Europe continued, not merely on the former tribal level, but on a national level, just as wars of conquest continued outside of Europe, waged by Europeans under their Christian banners. Constantinople was first destroyed by Christian Crusaders, on their way to fight the Turks. Wars in Eastern Europe continued between Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Whatever its strength as an ideology, and however many great buildings were erected in its name, Christianity had remarkably little effect on human behavior, regardless of its righteous Marxist doctrine of putting the last ones first and doing the best for the least of one's population. The Christian tenets of individual salvation, as well, make Christianity in practice a two-edged sword against any civilization, for practical Marxism was and is a practical failure for any society, and Marxism is just Christianity without a Big Sky Jew & Son, Incorporated.

Ralph Townsend observed that the Chinese did not equate Christian ideology with Western achievements in production and technology, for they could also talk a good line in terms of abstract morality and vaunted principles, while not believing a word of it. How is this different from Christian preachers-for-profit? I would say, from my own observations, that there are more gullible practitioners of Christian-Marxist principles in the West than in the East, merely because we can afford them, thanks to our abundance. In times of scarcity, however, I think we shall adopt the Chinese attitude toward Christianity: words of principle accompanied by the usual acts of piracy. Europeans have their own, well-developed traditions of hypocrisy. Woe unto those who believe hypocrites!

I seem to recall that Thomas Robert Malthus began his career as a Christian preacher, and scarcely batted an eye, as his economic theories became the opposite of the cult's mainstream Marxist doctrines. As I understand, the anti-Christian doctrines of Malthus and Adam Smith were used as ideological justifications for Britain's studious neglect of the Irish during the potato famine. Well, of course, Judeo-Protestants saw the famine as divine wrath against a Catholic population, and what Christian would want to interfere with divine wrath, anyway?

Ideologies are word-games, which are subject to interpretation, according to the perceived needs of the moment. The most mischievous of all ideologies are those most abstract. No ideology is better than the quality of those who espouse it, for only people can provide ideology with substance and reality. Politics is people-power, so we need good people with good ideas, which promote their survival. Everyone has the power to dream better dreams, and to work with others to make those dreams a reality. What we can do technologically, we can also do socially. That is why I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. I believe that you have chosen the right tool (the Internet) for the right job (publicity). Please let me know how it goes.

Dysfunctional ideologies, such as Christianity and Marxism, require extreme mental agility (hypocrisy) on the part of their proponents to achieve their non-Christian, non-Marxist purposes. Friedrich Nietzsche complimented Christianity in this regard, and Soviet imperialism was always couched in Marxist terms, for example. Ideology is necessary, but it is no panacea.

Eric Thomson

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