Poland Rejects Leftism And Stands Up To Euro-F*ckheads/Commies

This is so great. Those Euro f*ckheads are destroying a thousand plus years of culture with their poisonous policies and seditious agenda. Poland said NO and f*cking good for them!

" . . . Tarczynski (pictured above) said Poland is also attacked by international organizations. “Democracy is beautiful for these elites when they are winning. When they are losing there is no democracy. When they are losing, you’ve got dictatorship. They do not allow us to be sovereign. They don’t allow us to be free. Obviously, there are differences, cultural differences, political differences, historical experiences. Every country is different and every country has its own problems. But we cannot be treated like children. Sometimes I have a feeling that Azerbaijan and Poland are treated like small children. We are not children. We are partners. So we want to be part of the European Union, we want to be part of the Council of Europe as partners. Not as children,” he said."

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