• Németh Debs

President Trump does not need to condemn something that is all but nonexistent.

Additionally, if you knew back in 2017 what the American public now knows about the goals of "permanent revolutionaries" like Antifa, BLM, Marxists, and Leftists and their campaign to destroy this nation as they themselves rally and state, which's to End Whiteness, meaning eradicating entire groups of people as well as our American way of life, we all would have been at Charlottesville giving them hell as decent people and individuals who answer to a higher mortality.

Moreover, Chris Wallace is a representative of the establishment Left. By now you'd think people would understand Charlottesville considering the fact that the Left no longer has to hide their intentions about Ending Whiteness and destroying this country by eradicating white people. Surprise. All you gotta do is Google "End Whiteness". I applaud those white men in Charlottesville for taking a stand all those years ago against those groups calling for the extinction of white people and proclaiming "you will not replace us". Rather than get squeamish when dumbasses who do not even know their own asses from a hole in the ground on any socio-political level who represent merely wide open mouths eager to be fed media and/or political theater and entertainment narrative (i.e. excrement), talk about it so people can understand what's happening here. It affects everyone and it's not as if the Left will stop at "White" people.

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