"Progress" Equals Structural, Demographic Genocide Against Native Whites In Their Own Countries

By: S. Jennings

The genocide against Whites isn't "actually" the -only- concern with this immigration trend designed to wipe out Europe. We are grieved by its harm to Western culture, political representation, and to the West overall, in its role as the backbone of global Christianity.

The truth is, that White birth rates are at catastrophic levels, as Leftist/Marxist rats demand that we be extorted, through taxation, to fund an invasion against ourselves, with only one end game that truly matters: Structural demographic genocide against native Whites.

These guys call the wrong thing progress. What UK needs is mass deportation of recent immigrations. The same is true, across the entire West. But instead, they laud signs that all races are being treated "equally". Maybe they are, but in a country where only one of them is truly native, and that same race is going extinct, because of the structural pressure of "woke" racial demands, like socialism-funded mass-immigration, those metrics are utterly deceitful...in a vacuum.

. At last, the myth of ‘institutional racism’ is collapsing - spiked (spiked-online.com)

Countries With Declining Population 2021 (worldpopulationreview.com)

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