• Németh Debs

Reality Is Crafted, But Truth Is Not. Universal Truth Exists And Does Not Rely on Consensus.

More and more people everyday are admitting that they perceive something deeply ominous about what is occurring across the country by way of widespread riots, the recognition that there is a promoting of racial unrest, and the overall rise of Leftism into the national discourse. While these things are sold to us in a bill of goods labeled 'the exercise of "Rights"' and the moral duty of corporations [to support movements like Black Lives Matter], we get a clear sense that something else is going on that is wholly out of our control. When we take an overview of the societal transformation we are witnessing, it seems due to the fact that particular types of individuals are buying into a destructive ideology for reasons we cannot readily comprehend.

While some individuals are easily drawn into this destructive ideology, namely Leftism, others can never be drawn into it. However, when we take the time to examine the folks who fall to this ideology, we can see that it crosses all lines and barriers of culture, religion, and race to ensnare all manner of individuals from all walks of life. It has caused good individuals to spring into action and others to entirely succumb. You possess no immunity to this "thing" based on your identity politics category or victim status but quite to the contrary these are the exact components of the Leftist apparatus that are designed to draw you in and ensnare you.

Any of the types of categories that we subscribe to socially, ethnically, racially, and/or culturally no longer matter as we have perceived them and they are used to ensnare us especially as individuals of minority groups. When any individual from any walk of life can be drawn into this "Leftist" juggernaut that is designed to veritably thwart 'free will' while preaching the extols of 'free will', most of us can see that it is all an illusion. We are witnessing individuals being drawn into a crafted illusion (a culture) that seeks to harness the energy of masses of individuals all the while preventing them from being able to see the true nature of what is actually happening. Why is it that some perceive this "thing" but those immersed in it do not?

Once we recognize and then acknowledge what is the true nature of this Leftism we may be able to do something about it. Most people you talk to would deny being affected by any of the components of Leftism but at the same time, they find themselves feeling anxious or experiencing some form of a disquiet in their states of mind because of what they are observing. All things run downstream of the occult. What we are witnessing by way of globalism and the Leftist authoritarian apparatus is due to its occult nature. It seems to bear down from all directions because culture is managed and manipulated by these people.

I hear lots of people talk about anxiety concerning life in general. Some cannot even pinpoint the precise source of the anxiety but just know that what they are observing on the national front makes them anxious. Then again before they were aware of Leftism they felt anxiety in their lives. Like so many others, it is the rat race of this system, dog eat dog culture, that is so unnerving and a source of for many extreme anxiety. I would say that there is nothing wrong with you. Your senses are hard at work doing their job unlike masses of individuals who have instead succumbed to Left-hand-cultisms or with eyes wide open decided to join in on this re-crafting of society.

Simply stated, "If you're not anxious, then you don't know enough". That is a good rule of thumb.

Let us think of things in the most basic of terms. What is it that humanity is actually facing in these dark days? Can it be as simple as the proverbial Good vs. Evil? Can we even utilize the concept of light vs. dark anymore if we are trying to understand things through the lens of definitions that have been supplied to us? Are we even aware of the ongoing struggle to define and re-define the various components of culture and this world around us? The average individual and/or citizen never even suspects that their is a push to re-write and re-define worldwide perception - again. Most people would consider the fact that information (culture, history, knowledge) is controlled and manipulated as crackpot theory.

You are asked to lay down your pride, your ego, your desire for status and materialism, what you believe you believe, what you think you know. It's all baalshit.

As the peons that we are, the peasantry, our concepts are not in line with the actual concepts that those responsible for shaping our world believe. "Good" vs. "Evil" is the extent of labeling I can provide since labels and categorizations and definitions are the very snares designed to capture you in a perception of belief. What we are seeing is not based on universal understanding. It is not inherent truth. Those things however no longer exist as standards. If you are a good person, good of heart, there are things that are inherently true and inherently false. These things are referred to as Universal Truths. Not culture, race, religion or anything supersedes Universal Truth. Universal Morality. Universal Law.

What if it is individual perception and not mass understanding that we should rely on?

Once we recognize and acknowledge this fact, then we can maybe we can mount a defense against this force. You are living in a world that demands hard understanding of every conceivable concept, term, and idea via labels and categories and crafted definitions and demands that understanding via consensus. Truth does not rely on agreement. Truths do not rely on any mechanism of getting others to agree or believe anything. Truths exist inherently. We know some of these truths still. We know murder is wrong. We know theft is wrong. Do we recall that theft is the root of all transgression?

Reality is crafted, but truth is not. Universal Truth exists and does not rely on consensus. Therefore consensus is not how the understanding of our temporal world is meant to occur.

If you desire to pursue truth, how will you accomplish that in a world designed to at minimum mislead you? At every turn in your life you are called to make judgments. You are obligated to perform a due diligence. However, at every turn your ability to perform any meaningful aspect of due diligence is thwarted.

What if the state of "understanding" was or could be more fluid than what you have allowed yourself to experience thus far? What if a word or concept perceived by an individual was not flatly accepted or understood on the face value of outlined and pre-defined definitions and by the agreement of the many but instead by that individual's own personal and unique ability to perceive the world through their own reliable filter? That is exactly what you have been robbed of. So, rather than achieving understanding by mass consensus can the individual rebuild their own personal senses of things and rely on their own special and unique filtering system to perceive any given thing? How can we enable this to occur in such a contaminated world?

What if a word (a stringing together of symbols) could awaken that deeper individual spirit? What if it could also enable the opposite effect? What if you could regain the ability to filter and perceive again and rely on that sense? What if you could begin to utilize your special discernments?

What if the mind that perceives this temporal world begins to do so through an allegorical lens where it is able to once again move freely around the hard corners of labels and hard-defined definitions and categories and concepts, and lies, that you are bullied into by mass consensus? What if you could escape the snares and trappings of these illusions of belief? This is what you are gonna have to do or you will by an unwitting consent continue to allow these "others" some who we can clearly see, most we cannot, to define and now as you are witnessing, re-define, your very understanding of the world around you in their now obvious bid to craft a "New Normal". You have your own filter. Use it. Develop it. Things will ring true to you, or not. But when you are immersed in a haze of untruths and everything you see is manipulated and managed and controlled and a slight of hand, you may never see the light truth.

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