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RUSSIA: Biden Regime Is Promoting ‘Cultural Revolution’, ‘Aggression Against White People’

Russian Foreign Minister slams the growing "aggression against white people" in the USA

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has blasted the United States under Joe Biden for promoting “aggression against white people” and fomenting global “cultural revolution”.

According to a report by the Moscow Times, Lavrov made the comments during an interview on Russian national television. Lavrov noted that Russia has always supported efforts to “get rid of racism” and has promoted “equal rights of people of any skin color”.

However, he said it was vital “not to switch to the other extreme which we saw during the ‘BLM’ (Black Lives Matter) events and the aggression against white people, white U.S. citizens.” The far-left Black Lives Matter movement has engaged in unprovoked attacks on white people in the United States, citing twisted grounds of racial justice.

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