Russians Marvel At American Bolsheviks And Give Fair Warning To The Consequences

Russians Marvel At American Bolsheviks And Give Fair Warning To The Consequences - Tsarizm

Russians are marveling at American Bolshevism on full display on our college campuses. Lilia Kim is one Russian expat who lives in Los Angeles and has observed the retro communism fan boys and girls at close range.

It scares her. She wrote a post recently that has gone viral on the subject. The post is translated below (not the best translation) and the original in Russian is here. The comments are epic.

In short, beware of what you wish for, because you just might get it, and it is deadly.

– But the USSR was a great country with free medicine, education and housing! Russians won World War II and launched a man into space!

– Yes, but then ran out of money because the forced way of life led to loss of employment to make everyone equal. They wanted to either not work or not share. Or pretend they can’t do anything so that there’s no desire to force them to work. Or just leave to be free.

– But the world has changed! The Roman Empire was a great country whose wealth was created by slave labor. Back then there was no technology with which slave labor could be replaced – so the children continued to be slaves and produce.

– Has anyone heard of one of the main problems of the changed world – what to do with people whose labor can be calmly replaced by robots, Ai and so on?

′′Your generation protects big corporations because you have Stockholm syndrome, a young American smartphone expert confidently told me. – You can’t imagine life outside of the paradigm of exploitation. In your understanding, a person can create only material values exchanged through the capitalist market.

Mentally trying on him the ′′ Potemkin Artillery,” I still asked:-And what does life look like outside the paradigm of exploitation?

– See! You can’t even imagine! – the child rejoiced. I was also happy and immediately invited everyone to our city of three revolutions St. Petersburg – the former museum of revolution, and now the political history of Russia. Back to the future.

I think this is what happened… Before the death of the USSR or immediately after – a large number of deeply conspired agents were infiltrated into universities of the US, who for several decades irradiated teenagers at the age of natural rebellion with Marxism-Leninism, raising the next generation of teachers there.

This is the only way to explain what is happening -that I learn the anticipated phrases of “the premise of the great October revolution′′, even if its retold by children in English. Although – being inside this irony gives a unique pleasure to contemplate the deceased and the risen God.

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