Sean Young Talks About The Sophisticated Subliminal Mind Control Nature of The Media And TV

"My father, Donald Young, was a journalist he was a producer for NBC News in Cleveland and then he went to NBC News in NYC and one of his big complaints I used to listen to was about the Jews. He was not a guy who liked the Jews in the news business. He said that they took over. He wanted to do stories back in the 70's about the Arabs. He wanted to give the other side of the story and he was summarily walked out the door. And that's really what the movie "Broadcast News" is about. My dad did the job that Holly Hunter did in that movie "Broadcast News". Albert Brooks' character and hers really were aware of what was happening to the media. The media's gone. There is no media. There's just. There's the noise. It's sort of like, you had a guest on the other day talking about government. You know. I can't remember his name but he basically said, "the government doesn't have to do what it says it will do to improve society. It's propaganda". They pretend to do it and make some noise about doing it and people assume that they're gonna keep their word and go ahead and do it but that process never takes place. Henrik: You're talking about Stephan Molineaux probably. (Sean) Yes, yes. That's right.

Henrik: Very interesting. So, what's your uh. Obviously we have a new media, if you will, that's arising and doing the job that the regular media should do. At the same time I've never seen a difference between going and buying a newspaper than it is buying an ice cream or something. It's a product. And they are individual corporations and as far as I know anyway, in Sweden it would be somewhat different, but if we look at it from the point of view from American Media - international in that way, they as far as I know they don't hold any responsibility. They don't have to do what they supposedly say that they're going to do as far as I know.

(Sean Young) No, and if you have a choice between ice cream and People Magazine go for the ice cream because People Magazine or US Weekly or even the NY Times, the sophistication of the neuro-linguistic programming even on Hannity and these T.V. shows that are supposedly alternative, the sophistication of the neuro-linguistic programming involved in that is --- people are not aware of that either. It's safer to go get ice cream than it is to watch these programs. Because you're being affected on a subliminal level that you don't even know. You are that unaware of how deeply affected you are by it. All you have to do is shut your T.V. off for a month and monitor how you feel and that alone is proof enough. When you look at these magazines that have these images in them, it steals your energy. People think "oh it's harmless". It's not. You are being affected on a deep level you're not even aware of but these folks that produce this stuff they're quite aware of it.

What is mind control? Mind control is repetition. It's like when I tell my kid 'brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth' that's mind control. That's me trying to get them to do something by saying it over and over and over and over again. That's what mind control is. When you look at an image, for example some of these images, that young girls are doing now, the over-sexualization of young girls or the familiarity on television kid programs like iCarly or, there's a bunch of them. Disney puts them all out they're the worst. They over-sexualize the girls. They make homosexuality very normal. I mean, I don't have an issue with homosexuality. I don't care. You know? I don't care if people get married or they don't. I don't care if they're gay or straight but why's that on kids shows? What the hell is that?"

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