• Németh Debs

Sinister speculation over China's 'bioweapons' plan

Worrying speculation has emerged China is collecting DNA from the world’s population in a gory scheme to wipe out certain ethnic and racial groups.

The damning allegations having been levelled at the nation by writer Gordon Chang, the man behind the 2001 book The Coming Collapse of China.

China’s database of DNA has continued growing throughout the coronavirus pandemic and the country is using its vaccine as leverage for information on US citizens, Mr. Chang told Fox News.

“What they’re doing is they are saying: ‘We’ll get this vaccine to you but we need to complete our trials so we’re going to use your population as the test. If you don't participate in these trials, you're not getting the Chinese vaccines,’” he told the network.

Mr. Chang said China was capable of “collecting very sensitive information about people outside China” by “buying American companies which have DNA profiles, subsidizing DNA analysis for ancestry companies, and hacking”.

Internationally accepted QR codes for travel in and out of the country was another way The Peoples Republic of China was expanding its database throughout the coronavirus pandemic, he claimed.

Mr. Chang said its access to more than 80 million health profiles gave China the ability to create dangerous bioweapons capable of destroying entire ethnic groups.

He added that dominating the biotechnology industry was “very important to them”, claiming China was “probably trying to develop diseases that target not just everybody, but target only certain ethnic or racial groups”.

“The coronavirus is not the last pathogen that will be generated from Chinese soil. And so we've got to be concerned that the next disease is more transmissible and more deadly than the novel coronavirus,” he said.

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