South Africa: The Carolina Spar Court Case

By Willem Petzer


I just want to share something about the Carolina Spar court case with you, because this is a scandalous rape of justice:

Police Detective Mokwena argued the following in court: "should the accused be granted bail, there will be an outrage in the area which will result in the local Spar store being vandalized and looted."

Thus he opposes bail for the accused.

Let me put that into context. A police officer uses his expectation that a bunch of criminals is going to destroy property and steal stuff as a legal argument to not grant bail to the accused.

We have no rule of law in this country anymore, no due process, only a rule of the mob by intimidation!

This is why the liberal ideology fails: if you have enough people who are willing to stand together and commit atrocities, to promote their agenda, your Constitution is worth less than toilet paper. Those who are supposed to uphold the law will only uphold whatever the mob tells them to.

The only way to fight this is to create a stronger and more organized fighting force to crush the mob of criminals. Until you do, the mob is going to eat you up. No laws are going to help you...

- Willem Petzer

PS. for those who wanted to know what the accused are accused of:

It is tough to find out the whole story because of all the politics in between, but allegedly two men (black) attacked one of the Spar's employees, then the three security guards (white) fought with the two men.

One of the two men died two weeks later in the hospital from meningitis.

Now the security guys are charged with murder.

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