Surviving The Fall Of Babylon

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So many are unhappy with modern life without appreciating that the ease it has afforded to daily life is the root of their despair. Ease at an immense cost. Melancholy. Complaining incessantly about things that do not matter. Bickering. Pettiness. Focusing on triviality. Meaningless willfulness and competitiveness. Every one adversarial against the next. Each one vying for supremacy over the will of another. Feeding vice/want rather than abstaining and in turn fueling their own demons that ultimately take control. Even now their eyes not catching the signs or not knowing what it is they are seeing. What it all means. You can in great part control the focus of your mind by controlling your own eyes and what you see. Turn away.

It has been said that "Sin enters through the eyes". Somebody else knows this too. They control what the masses see and therefore their minds. People refuse to turn away from the Whore of Babylon. Modernity. Do not look. The enticements of this vile world will be its demise. Will you fall with it? Have you already fallen to vice? Are you depressed? Unhappy? Have anxiety? Hubby or Wifey not satisfying you? Fretting the fall of Western Civilization?

Work will set you free.

Many have warned of the decline of the West urging folks to leave "Babylon" before it falls. Babylon meaning the West - Europe, US, Canada, all of the British colonies.

Rastafarians have been promoting this message for decades warning of the decline and demise of the West and many Rastafari have established communities on the African continent already.

In Australia, the authorities speak openly about the New World Order that they are actively implementing. They have cast aside all pretense. Broadcasters refer to the New World Order on live television. They are, of course, implementing the same calamity in all Western nations where we find ourselves at one stage of the transformational demise or another. How will vaccination status factor into it all? Will the unvaccinated be pushed out of society? In many areas this is already happening.

There IS a point of no return. We are NOT there yet. This thing could go any number of ways. Nothing is set in stone and so many things are still in flux. Besides, there are enumerable variables that even the elites themselves cannot control.

As I have advised in the past - find your tribe. You need a tribe. In the future it will be all the more essential. Stop taking each other for granted. Make your in-roads now. Get in shape now. Learn survival skills now. Learn about things that are useful to survival.

As they say, "Chance favors the prepared".

We are at once being inundated with hordes of hapless people from Third World Countries while our own freedom of movement is restricted. They are letting an astonishing number of violent criminals out of the prison system and onto our streets. That same prison system that they created decades ago with the 90's Crime Bill has churned out masses of institutionalized persons to add to the chaos. They have created a culture of narcissism embraced by society overall. Not just the Left. Cluster B Personality Disorder is the template for modern behaviorism and is already the cultural norm.

I am not an alarmist. I have been saying the same thing for years now. The formula for society will be places like Camden and Southside of Chicago. Managed poverty. There will not be any safe havens for any of us peasants. There will not be suburban communities where you can take a walk at night. In NYC, residents are afraid to go out at night. When I lived in Philly, I saw that change happen there overnight in March 2020.

One interesting thing is that "African American" people will be finding out they are not African. The Africans are coming and they are not putting up with that 'my brutha' shit.

Also, I am not surprised at the occurrence of docked ships in Ca. Not after that Cyber Polygon exercise. You should not be surprised either. Hopefully, you guys are squirreling away canned goods and dry goods. Whatever you can. You will need food. You need to learn how to grow food. Get back to living like your great grandparents. Do it now. Watch videos on how to grow inside and outside, on canning and mason jar food stuffs. Better yet start living like Immigrant Italians where they took care of each other and did not go to grocery stores. One grew veggies, the other tomatoes, the other made the bread, the wine, and even wares and came around and sold it in the neighborhood. Look it up. M'kay?

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