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The Cool, Calm, and Collected Civil War Companion

Sailor Twift

By Alexander Gross

Communist agitators and revisionist history tend to go quite well together. When people use the tired phrase “those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it”–or some variation of this nonsense–they always fail to realize that the “history” that they’re “remembering” has been retconned and corrupted by the insidious media, elitist corporate and globalist propagandists, and those special demographics which the two previous entities deem as useful idiots.

This weekend in Philadelphia, a barely coherent group of flaccid sycophants calling themselves “Anti-Fascists” attempted to stage a violent blockade against an ethnically diverse men’s fraternity consisting of conservatives, republicans, and libertarians called the Proud Boys who supposedly planned to a march in Center City.

The only problem–the supposed Proud Boy march never happened. That, however, didn’t sufficiently quell the Antifa bloodlust. Someone needed to get hurt, as that is the modus operandi of the left wing foot soldiers. Someone, or something, once beautiful needed be destroyed.

Philadelphia has become a major hub of Antifa activity, perhaps only outdone by the likes of Portland. If there was any doubt that the elitist social justice hoards were bent solely on the destruction of anything beautiful, one must take a look not only at their rank-and-file, but also their so-called “leadership.” Of course, these cultural and political enemies of civilized society claim to be an amorphous entity with no leadership, funding, rules, or structured behavior; a strange assertion to be made by a group who have a flag, uniform, a handbook, seminars, carefully strategized tactics, and publicly organized events. This leadership, while localized across the globe, includes academics, legal benefactors, and politicians in its cabal.

Far be it for simple publications like ours and institutions such as AIRonline to go around naming them; however, it is clear that the most vocal of the politically engrained support for Antifa are among the most economically and influentially powerless. These are mere scapegoats who can, and will, be discarded at will when it becomes convenient to the true benefactors. Feel free to do your own sleuth-work.

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