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The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People - You're Afraid To Lose What You're Gonna Lose Anyway

Nothing of significance happens anywhere in the world without the hand of the elite. These peculiar elites have an insatiable desire to put their hands on every morsel of wealth in the world. Their practices go back to the brutal Khazarians. They lack nobility and honor but entice us to give up our lives for their wars. The elite have us now where both men and women have to work just to survive leaving children open to indoctrination. We're being psychologically set up to lose the next war. We will be left with a desolate nation and living in a third world country.

You're afraid to lose your home, your livelihood but you're gonna lose it anyway.

The two party system is the major fault of our system and no laws are passed for our interests. As long as there are Democrats and Republicans laws will not be written with the interests of the people in mind. We need to look for courageous, independent people to go one step beyond and run for office. We must get money out of politics and individuals independent of the elites in all levels of government.

The elite own the news media. The Big 6 own all modes of media, news, social media, video games. Everything. Google it. The Rothchilds bought out Reuters in the 19th Century and bought out The Associated Press not long after. The world is a stage. T.V. is not reality. You're ruled over by a multigenerational, criminal syndicate. A cabal. And they control every significant occurrence the world over, including the "Pandemic" and what we've witnessed throughout 2020.

Interview with Gaylon Ross

***The only thing I disagree with in this video is the imprecise connecting of Khazarians with Huns as though they are from the same lines/roots. The Khazars were distinct from the Huns and Khazars were in fact tributaries to Black Huns (no reference to race but to geography). Meaning they were an inferior group. Think about that as the U.S. pays staggering amounts in 'foreign aid'. Most going in the 10's of billions to Israel and with stimulus packages billions more. What the fuck is going on here? ***

The Freeman Perspective with Gaylon Ross - Best selling author of "The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People" and owner/operator of Ross International Enterprise, Robert Gaylon Ross Sr. unleashes alarming new evidence of the elite's monumental crimes against humanity. He unravels the darkest secrets of the secret societies, documenting the hideous threat posed by Freemasonry and the banking elite. Will there be a financial catastrophe in America? Find out this and more.

Wonder Without Fear (

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