• Németh Debs

The Enemy Is Real: They Are Destroying Our Country, The World, And Nobody Is Going To Be Left Alone

Borrowed from a survivor of the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel back in 1967. I agree with him 100%.

"I am simply beside myself, seeing how dumbed down this nation is. I should know, I have spent 53 plus years of my life trying to tell them what is going on. Yes my incident was just a part of the scheme, but now the scheme is very apparent. Never in my life have I seen anything so difficult, as to tell others what is really going on. My credibility I think is still pretty good, but it just seems to make no difference. I have heard it over and over, "Oh that couldn't happen in this country". That is only true if you remain vigilant which most are not, the majority are not. I am close to my point of no return, only because I am getting up there in age, and it is more difficult. Remember there are trolls out there working against you, but they are easy to spot. They do resort to name calling if you don't agree with them, that is standard procedure. You know the names, anti this, and anti that."

People don't want to believe it, and just want to focus on a non-existent virus, but the enemy is real and they are destroying our country, the world, and nobody is going to be left alone.

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