The GREAT DECEPTION ( The Days Are "Officially" Getting Shorter

The Great Deception (

I hadn’t actually realized that this had been publicly announced… THE DAYS ARE OFFICALLY GETTING SHORTER!! Now this is not by a lot, but significant enough to be calculable. As we have always stated within this group, the Sun & the Moon shifted from their precise and predictable positions in the year 2000. This started the process of the “shortening of days”, which, just like any other powerful “machine”, needs ‘time’ to buildup to actually show any visible effects.

What does the mainstream have to say as to WHY the days are suddenly becoming shorter from this year onwards… Well they have to stick to their silly narrative that is taught in schools of course, their answer “the Earth has sped up it’s rotational axis”. Now why do they say that the Earth’s rotation has increased, what was the cause of this change in speed. To put it simply, they don’t have any real answers to justify this change, all they have come up with is the “motion of the molten core”.

Now this “core”, apparently creates what mainstream calls “gravity”, so any change to the “molten core” would also result in a change to our gravity, which would be both felt and measurable. The other two possibilities they have come forth with is that the ocean currents have “dragged” the Earth quicker and quicker or that the “atmosphere turning” is “dragging” the Earth along faster - They’re really clutching at straws with these explanations but the masses, if told or knew of this information, would not only buy into it, but also argue why what they’re saying “could” actually happen… basically doing the mainstreams dirty work for them without realizing it.

Now the funny thing is that these clowns can’t even get their stories straight if you look hard enough. Other articles have been posted, at a later date (March 2021), that state that the Earth is actually slowing down… This would mean an increase in the length of days, of which we know is simply not true! Why would they say this after only 1-2 month(s) of stating that the Earth is speeding up… Good question, it is to create confusion among us and to control both narratives if they ever needed to (hence the small amount of posts, on the quiet in 2020).

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