The Narrative Alchemists Are Attempting To Create A New National Mythology

James Lindsay


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Another reminder that what we are witnessing and have been witnessing over the last 5 years is an attempted creation of a new national mythology saying America was founded in slavery in 1619, not freedom in 1776, and that culminates in defeating "Nazi white supremacists" in 2021.

It is in every free person in the world's best interests to fight like hell against this narrative and to keep setting the record straight while calling out this horrific distortion for what it is. New story, new way of life, and you see who its cruel masters will be.

It is up to us right now to weigh every event in light of both of these stories and show how the new American metanarrative is a dangerous distortion and that we should not go that way. They torn down the old metanarrative and are replacing it with their horrific new one.

America was not created in slavery in 1619. It was created on the ideal of freedom in 1776. Trump was not a Nazi, whatever his flaws, and nothing like that was happening in our country. These things are poisonous distortions.

The United States was not perfect when it was created, and it isn't perfect now, but it was created on a belief that the rights of human beings precede the state and are safeguarded by a state that operates with the consent of the governed. That's the core of Americanism.

The new metanarrative holds something different. It holds that the United States was evil when it was created and remains so until the dialectical process of history can overthrow the system and install a perfected State that determines people's rights. It's exactly backwards.

Anyone at all who understands where these ideas come from and what they have led to every time they've been implemented (Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Khrushchev, Mao, Pol Pot, and we could go on) will understand that they are inimical to human flourishing and utopian.

The problem with these ideas isn't their vision; it's that they don't work. They're wrong. Human beings are born free, and systems in which the consent of the governed is required for governance promote flourishing and prosperity, though imperfectly, to the benefit of most.

For five years, we've heard that everyone to the right of pretty far left is a "Nazi," with Trump as "Nazi" in chief, which no evidence whatsoever can possibly support. It's a complete fabrication, half phantasm, half paranoia, willed into existence and "defeated" by magic.

The ideas upon which this new American mythology is based are literally rooted in alchemy--making something from what it isn't, or from nothing at all. Their original proponents (Hegel) said so, their modern proponents (Soros) say so. Alchemy isn't real. It'll kill you.

The way it works is that they create a magic narrative and push it until they all fully believe it, distorting little facts here and there and weaving a mythology that's mad as a hatter. Then, they can "defeat" the evil in it just by writing the next chapter of the narrative.

Compared to things that have happened in the past at the Capitol, the 6th was significant but not "unprecedented," and it hardly represented a serious attempt at a coup. Fuck, they held the vote in the same building a few hours later. Think, people.

The narrative alchemists whipped themselves into a frenzy, and within hours, it was the most insane thing that ever happened since 1812 (not even close to true), an attempted Nazi coup (way too uncoordinated to qualify), and reason to change the whole direction of the country.

Within hours, Pelosi was going bonkers (probably because her laptop got stolen) saying Trump is going to launch nukes, and everything has to be shut down around him and his enablers and supporters, and everyone who's been drinking cinnabar was like, YES! OMG! YES! CENSOR!

The trait of media alchemists is constantly whipping UP panic around a narrative, rather than ever trying to offer sober analysis or ratchet anything down. It constantly self-affirms a worldview that doesn't even make sense and requires tortured analysis to even comprehend.

Again, you're watching the production of a new national mythology that is using the events at the Capitol, both shameful and preposterous, as the basis for its victory over 401 years of evil and the beginning of a new, glorious (Statist) regime. Based on lies.

To point out to you just how seriously I take what I'm saying here, I -- yes, I -- will tell you that THIS is exactly what the postmodernists were trying to warn us about and were, in fact, right about insofar as they were observant and right (which is far, but not all the way).

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