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The Ponzi Papers: The Death Cult of The Elites

Note to Reader: The posits of the individual that set himself on fire at the Trump trial to draw attention to the theft, corruption, and subversion, in a word the destruction, of our way of life that has been systematically perpetrated by the so-called elites utilizing Ponzi schemes in the financial realm and beyond is not far off.

However, he seems never to make the connection that these high rollers in these networks of corruption out of Ivy League institutions are either Zionists or Jews. Perhaps it is not needed if society takes a stand against ALL corruption and subversives, which seems to be the best advised course of action. There is also a conflation in these writings between authoritarianism and fascism which is a mistake that most tend to as a result of repeatedly hearing such nonsense. The writer also completely misunderstands and/or mischaracterizes Hitler and the German people in The Ponzi Papers, failing to realize that the undertakings of Hitler and German people in WWII were in response to an existential threat. The Germans were not brainwashed by a "Fascist" to fight for their God-given rights to exist. This is a natural response to an existential threat posed by the Allied machine that fought for Communism. Hitler fought to secure self-determination for the German people and Europe.

Look at the world that you live in that was created by the winners of WWII. Your nations are occupied by Bolshevik Communist ideologues. Bolshevism is the ideology that won WWII and the consequences of Germany having not prevailed over this parasitic force is that it has been declared throughout White Western Civilization that all things White are evil. That your White ancestors that brought the world to the heights of civilization were evil. That your history is evil and therefore all statues and remembrances but be detroyed. That you "White man" have no right to exist. That your White children have no right to the legacy their ancestors fought and died for that they may flourish in these lands.

We have been conquered but most do not want to admit it because it would require action. Most Americans lack the intellectual and moral resources to do anything to defend themselves or their children. The LGBTQ and Transgender agendas/movements and ideologies saturate the public sphere. Your children are their targets.

Here's another installment of The Ponzi Papers.

We’re in a cult

If you’re just tuning into this series, I posted this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, with a map to a sea of proof.

The big picture: Cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse the world economy, all so the U.S. government and their criminal allies can escalate the theft of our entire livelihoods with a fascist (read authoritarian) world coup.

This con is many decades in the making: We have been flooded with media intentionally designed to make us scared, anxious, apathetic, bitter, angry, partisan, apathetic, hopeless, and misguided. That means we’re effectively in history’s largest doomsday cult, which is why the entire public knows the country is not in a good place, but nobody believes we have the power to change our circumstances: Because we’ve been told that was the case over and over again.

In this post, we look at a smattering of the doomsday cult evidence right in front of us.


A Supervillain Reveals the Plan

Bill Casey was Director of the CIA under Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1987.  According to Barbara Honegger, an election committee member for Reagan’s campaign, Casey said the following in 1981:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

Most people’s understanding of government disinformation would be that they want to misdirect us about certain things, to spin geopolitical events to convince us that they’re the good guys. But here Casey admits a much more wretched goal: To misdirect us about everything. To have such a stranglehold on media disinformation that our entire lives become a lie.

What he describes is nothing short of a totalitarian cult in which the leaders monopolize and weaponize the flow of information to deceive the public entirely. And if you’ve been following this series, you already know that it has come to fruition: They tell us we’re stuck in hellworld and they make certain that it’s true while they bleed us dry.


Irony-Poisoned Death Water

Want to stare the doomsday cult in the face? Just head down to your local convenience store and check out the water selection. There, you’ll likely see these cans:

This is water. Water is liquid life. The fact that water – something we all need to survive – has been bottled up and sold to us at unbelievable markups is evidence of kleptocracy. The fact that we now have water called “Liquid Death” shows just how far this criminal disinformation campaign has come as they’ve convinced the public to pay money for water that evokes hopelessness and death.

Water called “Liquid Death” is ironic, of course. But irony has been one of our cult leaders’ most powerful tools. As David Foster Wallace noted in a fantastic essay on the matter, “Irony’s singularly unuseful when it comes to constructing anything to replace the hypocrisies it debunks.” Irony highlights problems with no solutions. It lets us have a cathartic laugh at our circumstances but reinforces them all the same.

When we’re flooded with irony, as you’ll find in countless social media bubbles, we lose space for earnestness, honesty, and action. In the words of essayist Lewis Hyde,  “Irony has only emergency use. Carried over time, it is the voice of the trapped who have come to enjoy their cage.”


“You’re in Hell!” says Pom Wonderful

Think about what an ad for pomegranate juice might look like. Maybe a fit, attractive woman extolling its health virtues, or a bright and cheery display of its great taste.

Now look at this Instagram ad from Pom Wonderful:

This ad – for pomegranate juice – evokes horror, helplessness, and existential dread. If you watch the ad, you’ll see it’s even more haunted, flashing the blacklight imagery at you like a jump scare in a horror movie.


Note that there is no irony here; no joke, wink, or punchline. Just an ad for pomegranate juice telling us to be terrified of life.

That’s because we’re in a cult.

The Most Uncanny Meme of the Rabbit Hole

When I was deep in the rabbit hole, I had uncovered a few things: Cryptocurrency was a planetary Ponzi scheme created and supported by countless people and companies in Peter Thiel’s orbit, and there was a sea of complicit talking heads from both parties who were lying about every word. Just like professional wrestlers, they were practicing kayfabe: Playing a part to sell a fiction to the public in order to divide and misdirect us.

And then I found this meme in the subreddit ‘ThielWatch’, which references Thiel’s data surveillance company Palantir:

Wouldn’t you know it? I had spent countless hours digging through investor lists and SEC filings to come to this conclusion, and then I found a meme that said the same exact thing. This isn’t to say that Palantir is pulling all the strings – they’re pulling the strings along with all the other cult leaders, including whoever made this meme.

To understand why they would ever put this out in the open, we turn to a masterful propaganda technique that we’ve all been victims of: The theory of bullshit developed by Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt. “The liar cares about the truth and attempts to hide it; the bullshitter doesn’t care if what they say is true or false.”

You may recognize that Donald Trump and Elon Musk are notorious bullshitters: they tell truths and lies non-stop. And when we get a sea of talking heads all bullshitting in different directions, we don’t know which way is up. We’ve all heard about how we’re in ‘post-truth America’ (echoing CIA Director Casey’s quote above), and the theory of bullshit helped get us there.

Now let’s turn to the final words of the meme, “…to implement technocratic biofascism.” As previously discussed, we’re about to get an apocalyptic false flag attackwhere our criminal leaders want us to think that society is lost forever. This is the ‘doomsday’ portion of our doomsday cult.

But just like everything else they tell us, they’re lying through their teeth. They’re not done working us to death, they just want us paralyzed with fear so they can pivot to a fascist state without resistance.

Lucky for us, you know the truth! You know they’re lying. You know we aren’t helpless or hopeless – that’s just what cult leaders told us our entire lives.

You know a united movement to abolish this rotten farce forever kicked off months ago, and you know you’re already a part of it.

You know the emperor has no clothes.

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