The Republican Party sold its soul to the “New World Order” in return for large cash payments

The Republican Party sold its soul to the “New World Order” in return for large cash payments in the form of “enormous bribes“, according to attorney Sidney Powell, who warns the GOP risks being “neutered like a bitch” by “the Great Reset” in 2021 if President Trump’s second term is stolen from him by “children of darkness.”

Powell declared in an interview Sunday that senior Republicans in D.C. are “not safe” following their great betrayal: “The Republican elite are not safe hiding behind their propaganda fueled media institutions, making unaccountable decisions in D.C., and silencing patriots who speak out against this insanity.

When Trump begins his second term a tidal wave of punishment will be coming their way, the likes of which has never been seen before in this country.”

According to Powell, the election was rigged by Dominion voting machines, operating with Smartmatic software, that were manipulated to switch votes from Trump to Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Senior Republicans in key states were bribed to “destroy” Trump in the election aftermath, according to Powell.

She also says that Dominion has worked with enemies in foreign governments, including communist Venezuela and China, and has produced an affidavit as evidence supporting the allegation.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who the true Republicans are and who are the ones that are fronts for the New World Order. We must be diligent to ferret out those that have sold their souls for power.

The “Soros-Clinton-Obama triple threat” will have killed the Republic and we will never know until it is too late.

The Roman Republic lasted for centuries in the hands of the people before falling to become the Roman Empire. That change did not happen by a foreign invasion or foreign intrigue. No barbarian or forceful enemy defeated that Republic over 2000 years ago.

It was defeated from the inside by the treachery of the Senate and the blood of the slain Julius Caesar. Just as Caesar was stabbed in the back by men he thought were his allies, Trump is facing the same treachery.

In the coming days and months, without our help and diligence, President Trump may also be gasping…..”Et Tu, Paul?

Sidney Powell: The ‘New World Order’ Has ‘OVERTHROWN The Republican Party’ - Your News Wire

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