The Talmud And Kabbalah Contain The Supremacist Doctrine Being Used To Destroy Us All

Let's re-visit this subject.

There are those that believe that the citizens of the U.S. and Arabs for that matter are "Edom" or "Edomites". These are the forces that work toward the eradication of the other peoples of the world and have thus far used their Leviathan power to bring about biblical prophecy as they are in all positions of power and/or have immeasurable influence over Western Civilization. "They" push for the racial mixing of all of the other peoples of world and they subvert it in order to exact the final trick to separate you from your very identities as cultures of the world because they believe you to be inferior to them. They are working to bring about a new race easier to control since such a population won't have any understanding of themselves or of who hold all of the power in this world.

Rabbinical leaders: "All the races that are inferior to the Jews will be subject to them. It is what was meant to be all along".

They want to breed out the White races who they believe are Edom. They wear the Kabbalah bracelet representing the destruction of European peoples that must be destroyed according to these psychopaths because Europeans are of Esau. Better read a fuckin book. Specifically, the Bible. People out here believe the teachings and actively work to bring about themes in the Book of Daniel and Revelations. Black Hebrew Israelites believe the same. Everybody hates White people. These Blacks and Jews believe themselves to be "The Chosen". "We Jews we are the destroyers. We need a World that is not in your nature to build."

The Talmud and Kabbalah contain the supremacist doctrine being used to destroy us all. "They" push the immigration policies that are destroying the U.S. and that are making White (European descent) people universally hated. These same immigration policies are not permitted in Israel. That would be a red flag for anyone that did have their head up their own ass as conservatives and boomers do in general.

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