I keep warning you that it doesn't matter who wins this election. Don't be fooled. They trot out whomever they think can present the message in a way that does not alarm you. Anyway you cut it, they are not gonna leave you alone to live your lives. They have us on a course now. They keep telling you who they are and what are their intentions. Think Bolsheviks cuz that's the mentality. Pick up a fuckin book if you don't know what I'm talking about. And, if you're not "technically" white or at all white, newsflash, they don't give a shit. They define who is what. White is now an idea and you represent it. Fuck these people. Build your networks. This's not a drill. And it's not far, far away. My guys, you know who you are, you are being called to action. Prepare now to protect your communities.

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