The Truth About Immigration in Sweden

From a contact in Sweden. I only know him as Thor.

But the big thing now is that the Swedish Police are more and more alarmed. And the public too. Rapid rise of robberies where immigrant teens rob Swedes. Take their stuff and then even humiliate by peeing on the victims, making them crawl on the ground stepping on them, filming it, laughing etc., "humiliation robberies" is a common term used in the media now. The government has declined that this problem is connected to a big migration.

Until today. Now the prime minister suddenly says that "a big migration where integration fails causes problems."

Sweden Democrats (the right wing anti-immigration party) has warned about this for very many years. The party and all supporters of that party have been shamed as racists, nazis etc. While we have seen the development happen in front of our eyes. The left says "these problems have always been here" but obviously that is not true.

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