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The Year Zero

Herbert Marcuse. Who was he? YOU SHOULD KNOW AS AN AMERICAN! "CULTURAL MARXISM". This is THE KEY TO EVERYTHING BAD GOING ON TODAY! Do you know what it is exactly" WHY IT IS VITAL WE ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS AND WHO BROUGHT IT HERE? FACT; THE MEDIA AND POLITICIANS ARE FOLLOWING IT LIKE A BIBLE TODAY. Find out why MARCUSE AND HIS COLLEAGUES CULTURAL MARXISM TEACHINGS have been the primary liberal teachings in our colleges for the last 60 years. Taking down America is the plan they all follow! The answers are here and in my book PLANNED COLLAPSE OF AMERICANISM. DON'T READ MY BOOK IF NOT INCLINED. But YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE to know everything about today's BLM styled take down of America? This and more is in my book written 4 years ago. Some uneducateds call this conspiracy. You will never hear the lying Mainstream tell you this truth. But they all are fully aware of this plan! Hush no more!!

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