Trump Campaign Adviser ‘Won't Apologize' for Mis-gendering Trans Pa. Health Official

Good. Your 'rights' were secured by individuals (founding fathers) with conviction (balls to back up their words) that came together (that is key) for a common cause (freedom) and were willing to give haircuts to tyrants.

The Constitution and Amendments to the same mean absolutely nothing. It's just a piece of paper. That's why the founding fathers memorialized, reminding you for all time, your responsibility to defend yourselves (the 2nd Amendment). This's your duty.

Moreover, the most basic of 'rights" is freedom of speech and self-expression. Codified by man but endowed solely by your creator. You are obliged to stand your ground and speak your peace. This's not a drill. Silence is indeed consent and your foe, make no mistake, is the trickster of all time. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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