Trump Officially Becomes Persona Non Grata to The Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus

The Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus whose existence has been revealed to us over the past several years thanks to President Donald J. Trump is currently in the process of "non-personing" this man. It is crucial that you pay attention to what is happening to Mr. Trump. In the past, I have referred to President Trump as Orion for a reason. The world hates him because he took them on and now they are out to get to him. To erase him.

I have often questioned how President Trump after his tenure will be able to live in a world controlled by this venomous enemy that is hell bent on his destruction and the destruction of Western Civilization. They have seized power of this country. They possess all mediums of information dissemination. They possess all the necessary power over economic infrastructure the world over, over our very own fates. Do you not understand who it is that rules over you? Watch now what they do to him. You will know them by their deeds.

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Trump to be digitally removed from Home Alone 2 cameo scene after Twitter ban

US President Donald Trump will soon be digitally removed from the Christmas film Home Alone 2: Alone In New York.

US President Donald Trump to be digitally removed from his cameo scene in Home Alone 2: Alone In New York - IBTimes India

After being permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook, US President Donald Trump will now also be digitally removed from Home Alone 2: Alone In New York where he had a cameo.

Actor Christopher Plummer is expected to replace him. The announcement was made from the verified Twitter account of Dan Slott, who is the comic writer for Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Spider-Verse.

Donald Trump, who was then a prominent personality in the US had appeared in a cameo sequence in the film Home Alone 2: Alone In New York where he directed young Kevin to a certain destination. Donald Trump had also appeared in various other films and popular television series such as Sex and The City, The Little Rascals, Zoolander, Two Weeks Notice to name a few. In the popular American television series, FRIENDS, Donald Trump also had a mention in the episode named, The One With The Kips.

On Canadian television, the film had aired without Trump's cameo in on the Christmas of 2019. According to a report on The Guardian, the Canadian Broadcasting Company had removed the eight-minutes clip for commercials. This took place in Canada much before the Capitol protest and Black Lives Matter Movement.

The entire banning phase of Donald Trump started when the US President allegedly incited violence that led to violence at the US Capitol in Washington DC, which is considered to be the sacred house of Democracy in North America. To curb the violence, first Donald Trump's account was suspended and later when he started using the POTUS (President of The United States) portal to spread his message, Twitter had removed the official POTUS account as well.

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