Way Of The World: All Human History Is A Story Of Struggle Between Tribes; This Will Never Change



Please understand that every time you hear the media or academics blaming white people for 'systemic racism', talking about 'white privilege' or 'racial injustice' caused by whites, they are building an antiwhite narrative that has deadly real-world consequences.

From Way Of The World: All human history is a story of struggle between tribes; this will never change. Our critical mistake was allowing a small, hostile and devious tribe into our civilizational centers of power, i.e., banking, media and politics. From there, these people distorted our perception of the eternal, natural truths that must govern the conduct of men.

And what terrible damage these infiltrators have done. While pursuing a fierce nationalism for their own people, they used their power to weaken ours. While they built walls to protect their people, they knocked ours down and told us it was the moral thing to do. Instead of being encouraged to love and support our own people, we were sold the lie of 'multiculturalism'. We were told all races and cultures are compatible and equal and that we should welcome an infinite number of them into our homeland. We were told to ignore the huge levels of criminality of these new arrivals, invent excuses for them, and pay ever-higher amounts of tax so they could enjoy their lives and breed.

We were told to get on our knees and say that 'black lives matter', but threatened with unemployment or jail for saying the same thing about ourselves. And while being told to celebrate 'diversity', we were told it didn't matter that our people were now a minority in our towns and cities, because there is only one race: the human race.

While we slept, other tribes were preparing their takeover. These alien tribes know that multiculturalism is a lie created solely for their enrichment and our destruction, and they are taking full advantage of it. And, as our people are increasingly subject to the brutality of the invaders, we are told how, if we could just remove the last vestiges of European ethnic identity and pride, it would perfect the multicultural model. The undeniable fact is that our civilization has fallen and it isn't coming back. The only thing left for us to do is to reach as many of our people as we can - while we still have any right to speak - and physically come together in communities to weather this terrible storm.

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